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How to start using BlueBlood Bitcoin signals

March 29, 2020 | trading, bitcoin, signals, info

Step 1 - Get API key

Go to our plans page.

Select Basic plan, this will be enough to cover all the signals from all strategies for each day 10 days a month*:

Subscription plans

You will be prompted to sign up page. Fill out the form or just click “Sign up with Facebook” or “Sign up with Google”:

Sign up page

After sign up you will be redirected back to plans page. Click “Select plan” again. You will be redirected to payment page: Fill out the form and click “Subscribe”:


Then you will be redirected to endpoints, and if not - click “Endpoints”.

At the right side copy your key and save it to secure place**:


Proceed to the next step:

* Note that 5010 free requests a month are temporary, I plan to remove this plan in the near future. ** If you share your key with someone, remember that all requests above free limit are payable.

Step 2 - Getting signals

Go to and bookmark helper app

Paste your API key:

Enter API key in this box

Click Submit and you’ll see something like this:

Bitcoin signals

Now you can use signals from the strategies you want.

Note. Signals for next day are generated 0:02 (0:02 am) GMT time each day and for weekly strategies for next week starting Monday on Monday.

I recommend using Portfolio of Bitcoin strategies.

If you prefer trading just once a week - use Bitcoin S 2.0 or Bitcoin S 3.0.

Signals meaning

  • 0 - buy. For example, 1 means buy full position (depends on how much capital you allocate to the strategy), 0.25 - buy a quarter of your allocation.

  • 0 - close existing position or do nothing

If you have questions, send them via form located here.