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Written by Tadas Talaikis

Explaining reinvestment strategy

April 03, 2020

I am generating performance of the strategies as not reinvested and I’m doing it in order to be able to compare strategies returns instead…

Explaining MAE and MFE in trading

March 11, 2020

MAE is maximum adverse excursion, the negative difference between the price the strategy recommends to buy and lowest low. Similarly, MFE is…

Introducing Bitcoin Strategies

March 11, 2020

Strategies Bitcoin One Bitcoin One 2.0 Bitcoin F Bitcoin S Bitcoin S 2.0 Bitcoin S 3.0 Bitcoin Pi Bitcoin Pi 2.0 Portfolio of strategies All…

Bitcoin F trading strategy

March 01, 2020

What is Bitcoin F? Bitcoin F is quantitative trading strategy in Bitcoin, which uses quantitative trading models for trading decisions…